About Dennis McCart

My artistic practice explores landscapes within the "margins," places no one thinks to look for an experience of beauty or meaning. Using a palimpsest approach I add and subtract imagery to unearth alternative versions of meaning, place and form.

Dennis McCart is an Australian artist working in the discipline of painting and digital media. 

Dennis studied fine art painting at Queensland College of Art During the 90’s his practice shifted to include other media, such as new media, visual theatre and performance, while completing a Bachelor of Arts in Drama at Queensland University of Technology. This led to a deeper exploration into computer based multi-media works supported by a Graduate Certificate of Digital New Media at Griffith University in 2000. Seeking to explore painting academically and enhance his studio practice Dennis undertook and completed a Master of Arts in Visual Art (MAVA) at Griffith University in 2011 receiving the University Academic Media. Dennis continued his research studio practice with a MAVA First class Honours in Painting in 2012 exploring the research topic of edgelands. 

Dennis has had his work represented at a number of regional galleries in Australia such as Redlands Regional Art Gallery, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Moreton Bay Regional Art Gallery. He has been shortlisted in the Kennedy art Prize, Redlands Art Prize, Moreton Regional Council Art Prize, Clayton Utz Art Award, Lethbridge 10000 art award, Milburn Art prize and the Rotary Spectacular art prize.



Dennis McCart at the opening of From  Banality to Beauty , Percolator Gallery  2011 

Dennis McCart at the opening of From Banality to Beauty, Percolator Gallery  2011