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My 2013 exhibition, From Banality to Beauty, investigated a familiar and banal structure: the power-pole.
The artworks observed beauty and mystery in the banality of ordinary objects and what could be more ordinary than the ever-present power-pole?. Through the motif of the power-pole, the paintings sought to inform the audience  on notions of electricity and consumerism.The paintings portray these static structures as surrogates for trees, 
retaining a essence of their former self now destined for servitude in the urban environment. The power-pole represents my interest in creating a contrast between living tree’s and inanimate power-poles.

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Looking  Up
By Dennis Mccart
21cm (W) x29cm (H)

Photo Rag - Ultra Smooth 305 gsm 100% White Cotton

A medium weight, ultra-matte fine art cotton rag paper, manufactured by Hahnemühle.

Venues /  2011 From Banality to Beauty, Percolator Gallery, Paddington, Link
Brisbane 2012  Edgelands, POP Gallery, Woolloongabba, Brisbane. Link