ABOUT THE ARTWORKS / The Disregarded

This new series of artworks continues my interest in disregarded landscapes. 

Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare play Macbeth and its themes of prophecies foretell approaching trouble and strife. The paintings act as harbingers of environmental ruin and renewal.

The painting invoke a weedy well-worn path, amid the memories and ruins of a once thriving industrial landscape along the Brisbane, Colmslie beach reserve. Crawling through a rusted broken chain fence you weave downwards towards the laggard muddy river exploring its shore of ancient stunned mangroves, rusting machinery and discarded construction material. Looking upwards towards the remnants of a factory overtaken by nature, a trio of stunted trees are revealed clinging to an exposed, eroded bank with an understory of detritus uncovering the history of a tenacious past.

My artistic practice explores landscapes within the "margins," places no one thinks to look for an experience of beauty or meaning. Using a palimpsest approach I add and subtract imagery to unearth alternative versions of meaning, place and form.

My painting The Weird was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Clayton Utz art prize.
Clayton Utz art prize website

The Weird, 2016 Oil on linen, 92 x 183 cm $4800

The Weird, 2016 Oil on linen, 92 x 183 cm $4800